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My Only Story – the book

In 2020, after season one of the podcast had aired, Deon's book My Only Story: The Hunt for a Serial Paedophile (Penguin Random House; also available in Afrikaans as 'n Enkele verhaal: die jag op 'n reeksverkragter)  was published. It was longlisted in the same year for the Sunday Times CNA Literary Awards for non-fiction. 

In the book, Deon completes his exposé of Willem Breytenbach, the teacher and media luminary who led a predatory life. This mission takes him from Breytenbach’s high-school years at an agricultural school in South Africa’s hinterland to the famous Grey College in Bloemfontein and the media titan Naspers. But his quest reveals so much more: as he traces systemic failures through schools great and small, he uncovers a culture of complicity that presents a clear and horrid danger to South Africa’s children. The book is a riveting, thoughtful and often irreverent account of one man’s determination to overcome childhood trauma; to help others face their demons; and to extract some beauty from the boyhood he lost.


Buy the book here in South Africa (or in Afrikaans) or find it on Amazon.

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