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LISTEN | My Only Story, episode 4

The fourth and last episode of season one of My Only Story, the four-part true-crime podcast series written and narrated by Deon Wiggett, is now live.

"In this episode, the seven missing years draw to a close when a bullfrog plague hits global media titan Naspers – and me too."

Where did Willem Breytenbach do what Willem Breytenbach does? Since My Only Story debuted just four weeks ago, so many listeners have shared with us snippets of information – sometimes tragic and shocking, sometimes purely observational – that have helped us fill the gaps in the timeline.

Trigger warning: If anything comes up for you while listening to this episode, there are plenty of helpful resources here on our website. Please, please talk to someone. If you're in South Africa, you can always phone the South African Depression And Anxiety Group on 0800 456 789. You deserve to be heard.


Photo by Kyo Azuma on Unsplash

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What a rollercoaster ride to listen to this story! I commend you and Riaan for your bravery. Apart from what this bullfrog did which is beyond appalling, even more shocking is the cover up by all the corporates and the schools. There should be some retribution for those that did nothing.

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