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My Only Story tops the charts as News24 reports on tragedy at school

We have happy news to share: My Only Story season two has shot up to number one on the South African blog charts on Apple Podcasts just a day after episode one was released.

This coincided with My Only Story co-producer News24 reporting on the events that will unfold in detail across the six episodes of season two.

Read on News24:

Join us as we hunt our way through a dozen famous schools to find out why Thomas Kruger had to die.


Photo by Salman Hossain Saif on Unsplash

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2 comentarios

Joanne Bottcher
Joanne Bottcher
30 sept 2021

Thank you for the courage and determination you show in taking some pretty devious and dangerous people on to protect our precious children.

Me gusta

29 sept 2021

Thank you for your courage ! This situation must be exposed

Me gusta
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